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Our Library Taking Shape

line plas 1

Building work has continued here over the past few weeks. After gutting much of our ‘old’ house and building new walls, we then turned our attention to building and completing our new library.

First we installed the insulation, a necessity in the hot summer months of Australia and also appreciated in the winter.

line plas 2

Purchasing insulation by the roll allows us to measure and cut specifically for the differing spaces as you can see on the left. Once the insulation is in, the gyrock/drywall is cut, glued and screwed on.

line plas 3

Some of the sheets are so huge it takes help from all to lift and hold in place until the screws are in.

As visible in the foreground life continues on around renovating, at times living amongst building works has its challenges.

line plas 6

Here we decided to leave the previous wall in place as in between the wall spacing are random pieces of asbestos, not touching that at all! Jelly Bean(11) as always is Dad’s helper, never leaving his side.

line plas 5

We purchased the gyprock hoist early on in our building and are so grateful we did, we’ve saved a bundle in hire fees. The children are pros now at maneuvering sheets into place,

line plas 4

holding them onto the glue until Dad arrives with the drill.

line plas 8

PC has rather found his rhythm with plastering, after plastering so many rooms he has become rather neat and fast at this task, as a bonus he has found he rather likes the job.


line plas 9

Installing the cornices is another task that involves many hands to position and hold in place.

line plas 12

Einstein came home for Easter, just in time to be able to join the fun 🙂

line plas 13

Walls plastered and sanded, cornices in place, next task is painting.

line plas 14

Sadly it’s rather difficult to take shots of this room to show you how spacious and light it is. I’m so excited imagining how beautiful and inviting our library will be, soon!


*Sharing over at The Builder’s Wife with this week’s Home Improvement Thursday.

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    • Erin

      What are the dimensions of your tiny house? We too have lived in tiny places, our first home was three rooms, it was a toilet block we converted! That’s a story I should tell one day 🙂
      We’re a few years ‘down the track’ than you, married 23 years, and our homes slowly got a little bigger. One day your dream may well eventuate 🙂

    • Erin

      Oh Bron, it will be, already fantasizing about furniture and display shelves, which PC has promised 🙂
      Glad you’re enjoying, stay posted. We’ve just painted so next post up.

    • Erin

      PC has certainly got neater at sanding than he used to be. Initially it was so messy, but part of that was he used to be very generous when plastering. Thanks for your kind words about my blog makeover, fresh is the look I was striving for 🙂

  • Bec Senyard

    I just love seeing the kids get involved in the renovation. I can’t wait to see the library finished ( I bet you can’t either!) It’s going to look amazing when you’ve completed it. Thanks for linking up with #HIT this week. 🙂

    • Erin

      Thanks Bec 🙂 Very true, I can hardly wait, so longing for the day we move the books back in and it’s a library again. Visualising a light filled, warm, welcoming room.

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