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*Carpenter’s College Graduation

#All photo credits to Jenna, Campion College Photographer of the day.

grad 12

December last year, our eldest son, *Carpenter graduated from College!!!  He now proudly holds a  Degree in Bachelor of Liberal Arts.

The Graduation ceremony opened with the Celebration of Mass, presided by the Bishop Emeritus of Parramatta and con-celebrated with the College chaplain and several local priests. Afterwards dignitaries, faculty and student representatives addressed the; Graduates, faculty, families and friends of the Graduates with the key address given by Miranda Devine.

grad 3

Then the big moment when the graduates receive their degrees! Three years of study working towards this moment, this achievement! We are so proud of our lad! The application, diligence, perseverance and sheer work that went into achieving his degree, not only academically but financially also as he put himself through College.

We are proud of you Son! So very proud! xxx

grad 6

Attending College is not all about academic growth and achievement, it is also a journey of self-discovery. Carpenter was young when he entered College, only seventeen and twenty on graduation day. During his three years at College he faced challenges in many areas, but the maturity he displayed, his innate kindness and his integrity as a Catholic gentleman awed and humbled us. He is a fine young man, one to be proud of indeed.

grad 5

At College Carpenter meet a special young lady, *Rose.  She is a beautiful young lady inside and out.

Rose had her own journey of self-discovery to navigate and challenges to surmount. She astounds and awes us with her poise, graciousness and charitableness, a special young lady indeed.

grad 10

We were privileged that the whole family was able to attend and share in this day with Carpenter and Rose, Carpenter was well supported with not only us, but two uncles, Grandma and a childhood mate who travelled for hours to be there.

The future holds exciting possibilities and new paths to discover, our prayer for Carpenter is, that he continues to walk forth with the Lord, being all He wants him to be.

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    • Erin

      In the year since he graduated he received an excellent position with a company in the City and in fact has just received a promotion. Later he may undertake some further study.

      • Carol

        Interesting. Our son has been accepted into Campion for this year. He’s just turned 17 and we’re happy for him to start here but would wait another year if he was going to go elsewhere. My husband wasn’t keen at first because you don’t finish with a specific qualification as in engineering or IT although he agrees with the idea of a liberal arts foundation. Good to hear how it’s worked out for your son.

        • Erin

          Wonderful! Wishing him all the best, it is a wonderful experience. And I do understand re the age, our lad was only 17 when he started, the youngest in his year at the time. I do empathise with your husband’s concerns, the LA foundation is fantastic but yes further study is needed, though not all students do so. Our lad actually intended on joining the Police Force but they weren’t taking in new recruits by the time he finished 🙁 The position he now holds wouldn’t have been available to him without a degree but he still considers further study later. Different doors open and close, paths are never as clear as you start out.
          Btw is your son going to Summer Camp next week? Our 17 yr old is.

          • Carol

            We’re in QLD catching up with family so no, he won’t be going to the camp. He did the Cert IV in Liberal Arts with Augustine College in 2016 and made some good friends, some of whom will also be going to Campion this year. All the best for your 17 year old. Isn’t it good there are these different opportunities now for homeschooled children. So different to when we first started out with our older children.

          • Erin

            I’ve only just heard about this College!! I must find out more and share as I have inquiries about options. I’m assuming your son traveled back and forth? I’d love to know more about your experiences if you’d like to email me. Also interested in costs. Yes changing all the time. We’re planning on our 17.6 yr old doing a Bridging Course with USQ this year.

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