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Photography Challenge Showcase – Week 4

Thank you for joining us over the past three weeks as we’ve undertaken to complete the May Photography Challenge.  It has been most enjoyable and I believe we have all learnt alot, I know the quality of my own pictures has improved and I’ve enjoyed seeing what you have produced.  I hear rumbles to the effect that you’d like to continue to improve your photography skills, I know I’m hooked in improving this art.  Sharing our final week.

Day 22: A photo of sibling love

Day 23: A photo of friendship

Day 24: A photo of smiles

Day 25: A photo that touches your heart
Always thrilled to find the children reading.  Changed camera setting to natural lighting.

Day 26: A photo that makes me laugh
Skyping Big Sister, reaching out, touching.  So funny, so beautiful.

Day 27: A photo of the bush (suburbia, beach, city)
Taken from our house paddock looking down over our property. My first successful photo in landscape mode

Day 28: A photo of candlelight 
My first time trying to photograph candlelight, I had to play with the settings a bit. Ended up with setting on ‘night’ for best result.

Day 29: A photo of hands
Very interesting challenge, tried a variety of settings, the best shot for these 3 year old hands was on ‘baby mode’.  This caught the soft skin tones.    

Day 30: A photo of play   


Day 31: A photo of love
Working all week, building a home for his family in his ‘spare time’ equals love. xx{{}}

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