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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 120)


This week concludes our May Photography Challenge.  To have a photography assignment daily, and in a variety of areas has been most instructional.  I believe all participants have had a lot of fun and improved their photography skills.  Now I’m wondering what next? I’m considering joining Elisa Loves in her weekly Nature Walk and then Chareen mentioned the DPS Weekly Photo Challenge, I know I’m keen to continue learning and improving my photography skills.

PC took a few days off work this week to complete laying the deck, we were keen to be done! Whilst we didn’t quite make that goal, we are close. Once the deck is completed a whole slew of tasks flows on from there.  One character building trait you develop when home owner building is Patience.

My dear friend Jen has very generously gathered much of her planning notes and incredible suggestions all into one easy ‘go to’ website’!  You really need to check it out!!  Booklists, Elementary, Middle School and High it is all there!

On Sunday PC and I celebrated our 20th Engagement Anniversary, yes, PC did indeed propose on Pentecost Sunday:)  20 years did indeed seem rather significant, a rather large ‘slice of life’ together.  Truly I believe it is by the Grace of God that we ‘found one another’, He had it all under control.

Last week I was bold and shared my feelings about word verification.   A number of readers inquired as to how to switch it off. Quick Tutorial, select Design (top of page), then select Settings (left side- all this is in new blogger) click on Posts and Comments, see “Word Verification?” Select No and save.  Done:)

Well I’m still trying to find a balance between directed learning and natural learning, structure and autonomy. It appears to me to be a constant see-saw between the two, a continual balancing act.

Our regional library’s photographic contest has ended and alas I didn’t win an ereader.  However I still have high hopes that I might win the prize at the shopping centre, faithfully each week I fill out forms.  Wouldn’t it be exciting if I actually did win a brand new car!  After all somebody has to win and it just might be me:)

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  • Angel

    Yes to #6. Right now we are supposed to be on a "break", but it's the first year I haven't thought of it as a normal break. What I've discovered is that my younger kids don't know the difference between curriculum and non-school stuff in some cases. I'd like to keep things that way, but I'm not exactly sure how!

  • Kari

    I can totally relate to your #6 as well. I, too, feel like I see-saw between letting my children pursue their own interests and learn through real life and my own desire to make sure all the necessary subjects are covered and there are no gaps in their education. We are on summer break now and I think I may use the time to continue praying about it and to read more about natural learning, maybe I'll be ready to let go more next year.

  • Vicky

    I hope you win the car, Erin. The biggest prize we ever won was an Xbox 360. It arrived by mail, literally half an hour after I told the children that we were giving away all our games consoles so that they'd play outside more. They were sooo gleeful!

  • Deanne

    I am mucking around with photoaday with fatmumslim- got the list pinned next to my computer!
    Thanks for inspiring me with my photography.
    I am also looking at getting a DSLR to improve the quality of my photos even though my camera is a top of the range small digital I can see the clarity is lacking compared to an SLR

  • Erin

    I felt very bold, blush.

    Let me know how you go keeping it natural

    I'm feeling pretty happy where we are with it now, hoping to blog about it sometime. However I think I have to accept it will always be fluid.

    My big boy laughed and laughed at your comment. Really made his day. alas we didn't win, no phone call.

    Glad to:) interested to know what you choose.

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