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Monthly Memories – April & May 2012

Joining in with Kylie to record our Monthly Memories.

Attempting a summation of the past two months, as I didn’t diligently record, the following is only a sample of learning undertaken and books read.

The introduction of a daily Language Arts period (@1.5hrs) with our teen boys. This time is divided weekly between the study of spelling, poetry, note taking, literature analysis and Shakespeare.  I’m really excited that our daily Language Arts block is faithfully occurring, I’m enjoying the interaction with the boys and am thrilled with the depth of learning occurring.

We are still endeavouring to maintain steady progress in the 4Rs, Science and the Humanities, although a few changes have occurred to allow for our daily Language Arts block with our teens.


  • Einstein’s absolute LOVE for chemistry, he talks, thinks and breathes chemistry continually.
  • Carpenter’s diligence and consistency in undertaking the studies we set him.  He is making solid progress in his maths, reading his assigned reading and writing his assigned essays.  Furthermore he is taking great pride in his work and his happy:):)
  • Michelangelo’s spongelike absorption and interest in any new knowledge.
  • Princess becoming totally absorbed in reading any spare moment she has.
  • Jelly Bean and Jack Jack beginning new readers.  Jelly Bean in particular stepped up her reading steeply.
  • Jack Jack’s quick and impressive understanding of new mathematical concepts.
  • Regular spelling lessons with the four oldest, accuracy and speed is definitely on the rise:)
  • Weekly poetry and note taking lessons with the boys.  Whilst they grumbled at first they are secretly taking pride in their progress.
  • Princess has begun learning the piano and is making good progress.  Carpenter has also taken up the clarinet and is very enthused:)  Finally perhaps we may have children who learn to play an instrument.
Spontaneous Learning
Some of the most favourite moments in our home education journey is when our children take up an area of interest and learn of their own volition.

  • Using the book Cool Chemistry Concoctions -Joe Rhatigan has lead to an ongoing interest in making slime for the youngest four.
  • Einstein’s chemistry book has exploded into an interest of all things chemistry.  He has been reading lots of chemistry books, is learning the periodic table, the symbols and what each component is.  He has been regaling us with all sorts of snippets of information and enjoying deep scientific talks with his father and brother.


This time of the year always seems to see our children spending hours outdoors playing in the winter sunshine. Outdoor play mostly consists of hours on the swings, trampoline and making cubbies in the underbrush of the garden.

Chess has also become a major interest.  The board is set up at all times and a game is often in progress.  As I type Bass (1yr) is ‘playing’ against Michelangelo.


Watching Einstein’s enthusiasm and interest in Chemistry develop and blossom.
Documentaries Watched


Aussie Animal Attack (National Geo Channel)
Man vs Wild
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World


The consuming reading  of books, in particular living books comprises the bulk of our learning.  Some books the children are currently reading, so I’ve only listed those finished.  As I shared above I didn’t faithfully record yet I know alot more reading was undertaken than recorded here.Audio Books
-Deltora Quest Series 1, 2 & 3!

Our Family Read Aloud
Lord Brocktree – Brian Jacques
Linnets and Valerians – Elizabeth Goudge (still reading)

Picture Books
Bird Books
Where’s my Mum – Susan Hall
The Best Nest – Penny Olsen
The Bush Copncert – Helga Visser
The Best Beak in Boonaroo Bay – Narelle Oliver
Enora and the Black Crane – Arone Raymnd Meeks

Anzac Books
Let the Celebration Begin – Maragert Wild
Memorial – Gary Crew
Photographs in the Mud – Dianne Wolfer
One Boy’s War – Lynn Huggins Cooper
Night without Darkness – Elizabeth Stanley
My Grandad Marches on Anzac Day – Catriona Hay
In Flanders Fields – Norman Jorgensen
Angel of Kokoda – Mark Wilson

Individual Reading
The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins
Catching Fire – Suzanne Collins
Brotherband 2 – John Flanagan

Leven Thumbs bks 1, 2 & 3 – Obert Skye

The Mystery of the Periodic Table – Benjamin Wilkes
Atoms & Molecules (God’s Design)

Angel’s Command – Brian Jacques
Brotherband 2 – John Flanagan

Dragons of Chiril – Donia K Paul
Cards on the Table – Agatha Christie
N or M?  – Agatha Christie
A Murder is Announced  – Agatha Christie
Murder is Easy  – Agatha Christie
Dead Man’s Folly  – Agatha Christie
The Man in the Brown Suit  – Agatha Christie
A Caribbean Mystery  – Agatha Christie
Taken at the Flood  – Agatha Christie
The Seven Dials Mystery  – Agatha Christie

Murderous Maths – Easy Questions, Evil Answers
Australia from the Beginning – Eve Pownell
Horrible Histories The Wicked History of the World
Blackout in the Blitz – Terry Deary (Horrible Histories)

Jedi Apprentice The Captive Temple (Star Wars)
Jedi Apprentice The Fight for Truth (Star Wars)
The 39 Clues Bks 7 & 11 – Rick Riordan
Tintin in the Congo
Tintin Destination Moon
Tintin and the Blue Oranges
Tintin and the Mystery of the Golden Fleece
Conspiracy 365 – Gabrielle Lord
The Pirate’s Legacy – Annette Marnat
The Ghost Ship – Annette Marnat
More Adventures of the Muddle-headed Wombat – Ruth Park
Falcon Island
Brotherband 2 – John Flanagan
Emmy and the Amazing Shrinking Rat – Lynne Jonell
Emmy and the Troubled Home for Girls – Lynne Jonell
Centerburg Tales – Robert McCloskey
Beowulf – Rosemary Sutcliff

The Pirate’s Legacy – Annette Marnat
The Ghost Ship – Annette Marnat
The Plummed Serpent’s Gold – Annette Marnat
Escape from Veracruz – Annette Marnat
Emmy and the Amazing Shrinking Rat – Lynne Jonell
Emmy and the Troubled Home for Girls – Lynne Jonell
Goose Girl – Patrice Kindl
Max the Missing Puppy
Bindi Croc Capers – Bindi
The Truth about Verity Sparks – Susan Green (not necc. rec)

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