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Raindrops Keep Falling

A couple of weeks ago we were most excited to take delivery of two new tanks. 5000UK gallons (22500 litres) each!

When the rains come we will be guaranteed of more than an adequate water supply!

The tanks were quickly unloaded with the help of our three big boys.

The last couple of weeks have seen the children digging holes every afternoon and on the weekends.

The dirt has been utilised in building mounds in front of the ‘verandah’.  Our hope is to build the ground high enough so we will not have to install railings.

Finally it was time to build the base with crusher dust.

Ramps and rollers were set up, in preparation to push the tank into place.

Time to push, and turn the tank a little and push again.

Steady.. a final check.. and in.

We are eagerly looking forward to a good downpour.

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  • Mary G

    Prayers that God showers down on you … and fills those tanks to the top!
    What a wonderful experience you have given your kids — to build their home! I get such a kick reading about it …

  • Erin

    Thank you, your words really make me smile:)

    Would you believe the rain keeps circling us. We aren't on town water here so we have no option, although we are blessed with a dam we use for washing clothes.

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