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Roof Line Changes




Last month we completed another major project,  replacing the temporary skillion (flat) roof between the ‘two houses’.







As with many projects, one task needs to be completed before another can begin. The deck had to be laid so the posts could be go up,




the edge of the roof on the original house removed, including the TV antenna (we haven’t missed having TV yet),







the beams were then lifted and bolted into place.









We then removed the existing ‘temporary’ roof (temporary as in two years;)








and lifted and nailed the trusses into place.  The foundation work of trusses, bracing and sarking took a few weekends, in the meantime we moved the bulk of the furniture and prayed it wouldn’t rain, which alas it did at 3am one morning.






Once again we had fantastic help from ‘The Team.’









Take special note of this valley, PC is particularly happy with how it turned out:)









We marvel how this roof became








this, changing the whole look of the house.








The covered deck now allows us to enjoy








many a meal out there:)



The view from the driveway:)  In another year or two we will re-roof the original house to all be one height.

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