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Shell Nomenclature

Whilst browsing in the op shop last week I discovered a couple of bags of shells for 50c. I had been debating whether to set up this activity or not after seeing shell nomenclature ‘in action’ on Emily’s blog. I wasn’t too sure if the children would be keen or not. When I found the shells I decided I had found our next activity.

With some help from my favourite source of information, my friends at 4Real, I found shell nomenclature cards to print.

The children were most interested waiting to see what I was doing. After printing out the cards I laminated them, cut them up and then set the girls up with a bowl of shells each. The activity is really too difficult for Jelly Bean but Princess surprised me with her ability to match the shells with the cards. Princess did say however she didn’t enjoy the activity as much as the colour sorting and fabric cards.

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  • Meredith

    These are fantastice!! I love your silver(?) square bowl, very lovely! Your children must be so thrilled to have a mom so dedicated to their learning! Blessings!

  • jenmack

    Erin – this came out great! I can’t wait to get mine printed out and ready to go. Way to be frugal with your purchases! I love seeing what you guys are doing across the ocean!

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