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Southern Friends Come North

This past week we were blessed with a couple of visitors from down South.  It became an incredibly busy and unusual week.  In our time honoured tradition of hosting guests we put them to work, in this case laying a verandah.

Whilst Daniel spent a couple of days building, Jessica happily attended our usual Saturday morning soccer games and an all day Carnival Sunday.  Both days she worked in the canteen and thoroughly enjoyed herself:)

It wasn’t all work however, lots of time was spent singing on Singstar.  Our Princess really enjoyed herself having fellow music lovers

and of course computer games were popular too, as was the pool table.

Jessica was marvellous with the little ones, which meant we were able to tackle a job five years overdue. Whilst Jessica babysat, the boys and I hired a car trailer and headed out to a friend’s place to dismantle our ‘woodrack’.  Alas I didn’t take the camera, you’ll have to imagine us in a paddock, pulling apart a structure, loading a trailer and being determinedly pursued by a very, very large pig. He squealed, he grunted, he had red eyes, a thick hide, and he licked and bite.

At one stage I was down at the shed using my mobile, when the pig came trotting and squealing into the yard, knowing I was in his territory, I leapt onto the work bench just in time.  I’m not sure how aggresssive he was but I wasn’t taking any chances.  I finished my call perched on the workbench, grateful that he had trotted off by the time I finished.

Yep, some people were really enjoying themselves, and some were just hanging on to their tolerance;)

One part of Carpenter’s friendship with Daniel is their shared love of singing, their voices harmonise nicely together.  Daniel indeed has an incredible voice, Australian Idol material.
A moment not captured by camera was, Daniel serving Mass for the first time (Carpenter talked him into it). I was sad his Mum missed that moment{}

Jessica very much bonded with our little ones, in particular Bass. They wanted her to stay forever, alas she had to go.  However they will be back in September:)

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  • Vicky

    It looks like a fun time, Erin:-)

    One thing I can't understand, though, is how you can go out and forget your camera. Isn't it like going to Mass and forgetting your shoes? Oh, hang on a minute – didn't you do that once?;-D

    God bless, Erin:-)

  • Sarah

    Looks like a fun visit with friends! I really love those narrow bookshelves over the couch in your last photo. We have lots (and lots and lots) of books and bookshelves around the house, but I never thought of using them as a practical sort of wall decoration like that. Possible project in the works there…

  • Linda

    OH, Vicky – I had to laugh at the 'shoes' comment!

    Great to see some pictures of the trip – they both had a wonderful time, and are now busy telling us all about it.

    Everyone is certainly looking foward to next time – thanks so much for having them – here's hoping the noise level (and the schooling) has now returned to normal, and your school plans weren't disrupted too much. 😉

  • Erin

    lol, you are too funny my friend! yes the camera is starting to become an essential item.

    Having some books out induces the children to read books they otherwise might not.

    We enjoyed having them:)
    Noise level was not caused by the M's but my little ones who were so excited:)

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