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Tearing Down Walls and Building Anew

gutt 9


The weekend before last we gutted a couple of walls in the ‘old’ house; a wall at the foreground and the wall to the right of this ‘yellow’ wall.  Last weekend our task was to remove the ‘yellow’ wall, strip the lining off the wall beyond, then build a frame for this area which will be our new library.


int wall 2


First task was to remove the gyprock/drywall on the outer wall, the window opening here is to be filled in and this will be a long uninterrupted wall for bookcases 🙂


int wall 3


This was formerly a cupboard but truly dead space and I was rather excited to see it go. On the other side to the right, was another cupboard/dead space, so rather a happy moment to see this area be opened up.


int walls 4


This doorway to the left is part of the dead area I referred to, on the immediate right is the other cupboard, the doorways themselves are wasted space, but no longer. Gutting the walls of an old house is filthy work and there can be ‘unpleasant surprises’.


int wall 6


Pulling down walls actually takes a lot longer than you might think, it’s not a simple matter of ‘smash, bash’ as those pieces of hardwood are darn solid and safety is important.


int walls 7


The space above the door frame has been ‘lifted’ to the ceiling and the wall to the right of the doorway has been opened up by half a metre. Totally eliminating the former ‘rabbit warren’ effect when entering the small bathroom directly ahead and Michelangelo’s bedroom around the corner to the right.


int wall 8


With the walls gone and the area all ‘opened up’ it is all looking so promising, I begin to realise the new library is going to be rather…huge!



int walls 9


Ah see, my charming holes in the floor problem, the hole and the sheeting will be covered with floorboards, but as the sheeting is already the same height as the floorboards we’re not sure yet how we’ll make the floor level.  Here PC is installing a solid brace for the wall frame to sit on.


int walls 10


We’d ordered half the wall frame pre-made (waiting in first picture) but PC made the second frame.  As always, impressed with how clever and confident he is.


int walls 11


Decisions had to be finalised regards the kitchen extension, to the left, before we could progress with the library, the new kitchen’s length impacted on how wide we could make the doorway of the library. We finally settled all decisions and the library’s opening is 1300cm/512in.


int walls 12


The wall is up! and the library is taking shape!! It’s incredible how different it looks, it’s going to be so spacious! Do I sound excited? you bet! 🙂

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  • Nicole @ The Builder's Wife

    One of the things that irritates The Builder the most when watching home reno shows, is the way everyone is filmed bashing into walls. Simply the most impracticable thing to do. As you say, it is far less work, all the way around to take a little more time, be careful, and remove whole sheets where possible. I love the size of the opening to the library, what a delight it will be!

    • Erin

      I’ll be forever more thinking of the Builder when watching reno shows. Actually there is a new one coming up and I saw the shorts and already thought of his irritation 🙂
      Library is going to be a delight, and taking an idea from yours, planning on filing drawers at the bottom, in this case under the window seat.

  • gail

    Hello Erin

    It must be a great delight for you to be on the final stretch of your renovations. The library will be a good size I can see, and I like the size of the entrance to the library too. But when you will get time to cook, with the library so close? 🙂

    • Erin

      Yes, it’s getting very exciting to be closer to working on the kitchen! With the library so close I can dash between the stove and the books 😉

  • Bec Senyard

    Demolition work is always messy and harder than it looks. You’re getting into the exciting part of the renovation where the new floor plan takes shape. Looking forward to reading more of your progress.

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