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A Tree Goes to Town

Twenty-two months ago we had many trees on our property logged.  Ironbark poles were put aside for our use and we began the laborious process of milling it ourselves.

We stacked the timber to air dry for six months, prior to being taken to the mill to be finished (dressed). Twenty-two months later we returned to the job.

Over the last few weekends we began sorting each stack of timber onto new pallets, grading by length, cutting off split ends as we went.

We had five tall piles of timber to re-stack. A long, hot and tiring job.

One that necessitated ‘all hands on deck’.  A couple of piles included all the bearers and joists.  All cut from red ironbark:)

Several times we have attempted this task but were thwarted by the rains, this month we were determined to conclude the job before more rain made it impossible to get a truck in.

Slowly and steadily the stacks began to take shape and grow,

with lots of help from all our ‘team.’

Even the younger children had a part to play, gathering the spacer sticks.
Well done ‘team’ another great effort, we are so proud of you{}.

Gorgeous girl

and another:)

On Friday the truck arrived

and slung the stacks onto the bed with ease.

Just under 3km(1.86miles) of red ironbark to be smoothed and dressed.

Such a huge feeling of excitement to be at this stage, shortly our timber will return and then we will begin the long process of laying the verandah.

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