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Unsung Heroes, My Hero

In days of old men showed their valour by becoming knights and performing extraordinary feats of courage. They were admired and acclaimed far and wide. Many performed these deeds in the name of Our Lord, true and faithful Christians.

What feats of courage and daring are there for the modern Christian knight? What can he do to prove his fealty and valour to Our Lord? There are many, many opportunities for today’s knight but he will NOT be admired and acclaimed for these deeds far and wide, but I do pray that he will be in the sphere of his own castle.

My own knight and prince, Prince Charming proves his valour daily. Daily he gives witness to the true God, daily he lives the life of a Christian gentleman and knight. Daily he battles dragons. All in the name of Our Lord and for love of his family.

Daily my knight arrays himself in his ‘suit’ and climbs into his ‘white charger’ and undertakes a long drive for love of his family. He would much rather stay at home and enjoy his family but he is a dutiful knight and lovingly provides for his charges.

In today’s workplace there are many difficulties for Christians, daily my knight must battle with blasphemies and immorality in various forms, daily my knight has to make decisions, some of consequence and sometimes these are ethical ones that he may not be admired for. Daily my knight bares witness to courage and love in the face of unbridled criticism for daring to be open to God’s love. Many have no compunction in informing my knight as to their opinion on the size of his family, nor do they hesitate in giving unwanted and unasked for advice and solutions.

Once the long day away from his castle has ended and my knight arrives home his day is not done, there is no rest for this knight. My knight has many and varied demands upon him. Demands which he lovingly embraces for love of Our Lord and his family.

My knight has the upkeep of his castle and grounds to maintain, no servants for this modern knight. 140 acres is a pleasure but it is also a responsibility that solely falls on this knight. He has to marshal the troops, he has to do the bulk of the labour, he has to have the foresight and make the decisions.

My knight has to meet the many and varied needs of his children. He builds swing sets, a playground, and a flying fox over the dam, and he spends hours repairing bikes. He takes time to jump on the trampoline with his children and play cricket and soccer, for hours he drives around and around the paddock with his older ones. He patiently plays board games and listens to children read. He explains to an older child the intricacies of a maths question and to another he shares his love of science. He reads the same books as his children to share in their love and excitement. He frequently pre-reads books to ensure their quality for his young ‘pages and squires’. Each Saturday he drives his children to sporting games and watches them play, he volunteers to coach them and becomes involved in committees (when he’d rather not),this takes up hours of his weekdays as well, all for love of them.

He ensures that he spends time individually with each child, nurturing their emotional needs, ministering to their spiritual needs. Fostering that bond between father and child, bonds that will last through the test of time. Teaching his ‘pages and squires’ many, many lessons about living the lives of Christian gentlemen and ladies. Sharing his love of God and living and imparting the Faith.

My knight devotes himself to meeting the needs of his Lady. In many and varied ways he makes the life of his Lady easier, he observes how a little gadget could be made to streamline a task which his Lady doesn’t even realise is annoying until it the obstacle is surmounted. No sooner is something damaged or slightly loose and my knight is there repairing. No task is too small or unworthy of my knight’s attention whether it is the saucepan screw or designing the monthly work details of the ‘pages and squires’. My knight daily or rather nightly;) oversees the cleaning of the kitchen duties and if he fails in this duty he spends his last hour before bed doing the task himself. This is only part of the physical tasks that my knight daily undertakes in the care of his family. He then arrives to his bed only to have to remove the two smallest ‘pages’ from bed before he can lay his weary head down,(only to have them them return at some stage through the night).

Daily my knight meets the emotional and mental needs of his Lady, he supports her when she rings him at work with a crisis at home, he listens to her talk and talk and talk late at night, he engages in deep conversations when his Lady wants. He frequently tells and shows his Lady that she means the world to him in all the big and little things he does. By his touch, by his words, by his love notes, by his gifts, by his actions, in the many myriad ways he daily makes his Lady’s life a joy.
He has long earnt his Lady’s token, her heart.

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