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that we are to be blessed with a Precious Gift from God:):):)
Baby is due on the 22nd of September, a spring baby! so that makes me currently 11 weeks.
We are all so excited and the children are VERY excited.

If you could spare some prayers though, I have a hemotoma, which is a blood clot, apparently not that uncommon, but I have already have lost a large amount of blood and several clots. Yesterday saw my second scan in a fortnight (which is alot of scans for a woman who never has scans) all is well, baby is intact, it is the hemotoma causing all this. So looks like we could be in for an interesting pregnancy.

So the ‘name game’ has begun, believe me by baby number nine it is difficult to find names that both PC and I agree on. We like unusual names but they must be saints names we’d love any suggestions.

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