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When Children Are Later Readers

All my boys have been a little late at reading, not taking off till well after seven however Michaelangelo has been even later. He learnt his sounds about the same time as his brothers. However he wasn’t that strong and then he plateaued, he didn’t seem to be ready to connect the fact that together these sounds made words. Learning rather belatedly from my experience with Carpenter whom I pushed too hard too soon I backed off and waited till he was ready. A long time went by and he still wasn’t interested, we dabbled with reading from time to time but the desire still wasn’t there.

Late last year when Michaelanglo was eight and a half I realised that this child was going to have to be pushed, he was at the stage where it was simply hard work and he was daunted by that fact. Consistency was what was now needed, daily reading; an added bonus was that his little sister was fast overtaking him and he was not keen on her reading before him. He was determined to stay above her and he is still currently half a step ahead.

We used different ideas to motivate him The Bookworm Challenge and other mini challenges where he has won a book have been popular. One of the difficulties with a later reader is finding books that maintain his interest but yet are written simply enough for him read.

Another interesting point with a later reader is once he has ‘clicked’ how much faster he jumps through the levels. One day he was reading a basic first grade reader the next he was reading Brother Bartholomew and the Apple Grove Then he tackled his first Chapter book Mummies in the Morning a Magic Tree House book which he didn’t really like and truth to tell none of my children enjoy the series. We searched around for another.

Finally he has completed his first chapter book!! Clyde Robert
Bulla’s Ghost Town Treasure. He thoroughly enjoyed this and just flew through it. He thinks he might read Redwall or The Lord of the Rings! next. Reaching a little high maybe but finally we have the interest:)

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