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Weekly Portraits and Simple Things – 31st March Edition

A portrait of our children, once a week, every week, in 2014
1. Each ‘Portrait a Week’ must begin with Bella, just a requisite deal:)  It continues to astound me at how much joy this darling brings to our life.  Then again I’m certain we’ve felt like this before, a time or two or ……


2. Now here’s a scallywag.  We’ll be celebrating Einstein’s 17th birthday later this week and truly it’s shocking to realise just how fast the years have flown by.  We’re rather humbled to be his parents, truth to be told.
3. Another larrikin.  Though really our Michelangelo has matured in many ways in the past year since his biggest bro left home.  He ‘stepped up to the plate’ and has been so dependable. Rather a bonus he is handsome too;)


4. Ah two pretty princesses, poetry recitation night with such a pretty audience.  Princess loves poetry night with a passion, she has been memorising huge chunks of poetry this year, last night’s rendition from her was several verses of ‘A Froggy went a Courtin’


5. Extension work has begun again, finally working on the bathrooms, hooray!! Jelly Bean has been PC’s ‘right hand man’.  She worked alongside of him the whole of one weekend helping mix the scree to lay on the base of the floors.  Now tiling work has begun.
6. A birthday gift from Uncle and Auntie for last week’s birthday boy, Bass (pictured below).  Jem playing with PC, the track has been hugely popular, constantly in use with all ‘children’ big and small.  Those cars can sure fly around the tracks!
7. Birthday boy Bass watching big bro Jack Jack reading. So exciting to see his reading progression, he is just flying through these books, he’s ready to progress to the next level.
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