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Year in Books 2014: Highlights

I always enjoy the book chat that abounds at this time of the year. Casting a look over my own Goodreads I see that once again I’ve read at least 200 books during the past year, as I wasn’t always diligent in recording I know I read more.

Taking a look at your readings in its yearly entirety can be a little sobering, this year I’ve read way too much light fiction, plenty of mysteries and a little too much Christian romance.  Though I did find towards the end of the year some novels with substance and also discovered the pleasures of some light Catholic literature and dabbled a little with health and diet books.  I can see a need in 2015 to actually plan my readings, in the past I’ve made resolutions and had good intentions to read ‘meatier fare’ but I know I need to compile a deliberate list.
Any list recommendations or must read books you can suggest? 

As for the past year sharing a few highlights from each month:

The beginning of the year saw me on a Biggles binge, re-reading old friends.  With a newborn it was probably all I was mentally capable of.

Made up for January’s lightness in style and reviewed most

Delved into Christian fiction and tried a bit of Christian romance

Read some more Christian romance, trying to find an author as enjoyable as Janette Oke, continue to be disappointed

Read a couple of auto-biographies as well as mysteries

Experimented with a bit of chick lit and discovered a new mystery author

Tried some non-fiction

A couple of new mystery series discovered and a couple of new health books read


Read a few books of real substance

New mystery authors discovered, a couple of books with Catholic themes and a book on style

Another series with a Catholic flavour and a new title by a favourite author

Children’s Books
Read a little more to the children in 2014 than I did in the previous year, determined though to read yet more in the new year. Sharing our best reads.

How was your year in reading in 2014?
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  • Marijke

    Wow Erin, that is a lot of books! But then I’m onto my sixth book this month already (excluding cook books!)…
    Have you read: “Strongest librarian in the world” ? I found it a very fascinating book…
    The library has it. I would be so utterly broke without a library in town… 😉

  • hopeinbrazil

    I loved this list. Some of your comments made me laugh outloud. (about Elsie Dinsmore and The Reading Promise). I love spiritual themes woven into every day life so I've added a few of your recommendations to my TBR list.

  • Anonymous

    I like reading Janette Oke too! She is one of my most favourite authors! I have found some other authors that I like that are a bit like her but definitely not the same… Robin Lee Hatcher is pretty good and some Amish fiction written by people such as Beverly Lewis are good too. I suggest you try and find these for 2015! I've also been told that Kim Vogal Sawyer is good. God bless you Erin 🙂

  • Angela

    I am always amazed at the number of books you read, Erin. I have Dressing Your Truth on my mental list of books to read, but right now I am trying to squash my inclination to stock up on books before the end of the year when my goal to "read from my shelves" kicks in. I think buying a bunch of books right now would sort of defeat the purpose… although I do have Christmas money… 😉

  • Erin

    I always check out your recs:)

    So pleased to hear from you, added your blog to my feedly:) love book chat. Glad to make you smile:)

    Don't mind RLH. Can't get into the Amish books I believe the Christian romance genre has romanticised their culture and yet I find many aspects of it disturbing. KVS just isn't as good as Janette Oke, difficult aren't I. Thanks for chatting.

    I went 'shopping' on my shelves and was rather surprised at how much I hadn't read.

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