Library Opening Day Finally Arrives!

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Finally “No more sleeps”, the long awaited day arrived yesterday.  Our town’s brand new library is open.  Jelly Bean and Jem had the distinction of being the first members of the public through the doors too! With the other children following closely.
We immediately headed to the children’s section.  Light, spacious and inviting.  No longer will I have to whisper a story, concerned that noise will carry downstairs like it did in the old library, for a few years now I’ve been reserving online as visiting the library was too stressful with little boys and their noise.  I can easily see us relaxing in this space, so excited!
At the other end of the library is an area most inviting for older children.  X-box and playstation screens, and Young Adults books are in this area.


Rows and rows of non-fiction.  For the first time forever our library is able to house all the non-fiction together instead of being stashed in various spots.  Our librarians are really excited about this and I’m looking forward to making new discoveries.


These incredible windows run for the entire side of the library, letting in plenty of light, and adding to the sense of spaciousness.  Sprinkled throughout the library are inviting chairs, which I can guarantee are comfortable indeed.



 Somehow in this space we seem to have more children’s fiction than before.  Some of our children loved their visit to the library yesterday so much, that they headed back in today to spend longer familiarising themselves with the new layout.  Searching for some good reads. I never say no to a library trip.



I haven’t even had a chance to browse in the adult fiction section, but it sure looks inviting and I can’t wait to have an opportunity to do so.


So many new screens and access to wi-fi, the computers were in hot demand yesterday.  Hopefully with 16 screens these will meet the demand.


Aren’t these book trolleys the cutest things you’ve seen?  Actually even cuter is Princess pushing one as she fills it with books.  Alas I forgot to take the camera in today to catch that moment.


See this, a self scanner for borrowing books! The children think this just the greatest, lots of fun:)


So many things still to see;there are sound proof rooms I haven’t even seen yet, catalogue touch screens for each section, an interactive mat with projected images.  Most exciting though is as the library is on one level, there is accessibility to all, including wheelchair access and prams.  Even better though is we now have a toilet!!  Yeah I image you could be snorting with laughter over that, but just think for 18 years my nightmare has always been taking children to the library and then having to do a toilet run for half a block with a baby tucked under one arm, dragging a desperate toddler with a pre-schooler or two running behind most reluctantly. Current toddler has already availed himself of the new feature;)

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12 Responses

  1. Beautiful photos and details of our new library! It is indeed a wonderful space.

  2. Loving your new library! I'm sad we are leaving our little town just as our new library opens, but I'm sure they have libraries in Canberra too!

  3. Wow! It looks fabulous! I'm so excited about it and I don't even live on the same continent! Enjoy your new space!

  4. I love your new library … those trolleys are a great idea. I am going to suggest them to our librarian.

  5. Karen
    Still can't get over how awesome it is!!

    I'm sure in Canberra they have incredible libraries.

    A true bibliophile is always happy to see pictures of books and libraries:);)

    Must tell me what your librarian says. and the self serve features is loved by our children too

  6. That's brilliant Erin! I'm a huge library fan so I can just imagine how much this means to have in your community…Mel x

  7. Marvellous! Libraries are fantastic for kids, for all ages and this one looks very inviting indeed, and all shiny and new. Great.

  8. Love this space, looks great. Enjoy!
    Deb @ An Inspirational Journey.

  9. How exciting! We love our local library so much, and make regular trips.

  10. HI Ing M

    The ACT Library service is one of the best in the country and I think as I am an ex librarian one that would best many regional libraries
    I think you have littlies so there is story time and a very good range of picture books as well as a very full suite of electronic resources. I am a very heavy user.

  11. Thanks for all sharing my enthusiasm:):)

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