Yes a girl!!!
PC and I were blessed with our little Christmas miracle two days ago, on the 22nd. 
We are totally delighted and surprised to have been blessed with a little girl, Bella. (blog name)

is 8lb 15oz and 56cm long.  (4.064kg for the younger ones) She has such fine features. 
are very grateful that all went well (it was a long couple of days)
home now and looking forward to focusing on Christmas and just enjoying our
little girl.  Still in shock.

The children are all totally besotted with her and so very thrilled to have a little sister.
Six boys and four girls, how blessed are we!J
Wishing you a Happy and Holy Christmas

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  1. I was waiting patiently! A girl, blessed!
    Congratulations on your tiny miracle, may she fill your hearts and home with joy and happiness and share her God given talents with the rest of the world as she develops into a beautiful young lady.

    And to Bella…Congratulations on finding yourself a beautiful family to be a part of.
    Liv xo

  2. A girl!!! Congratulations!!! You know, that's happened to me before; I've dreamed I had girls and then, of course, it was a boy! LOL Merry Christmas to you all! Enjoy that new little cutie 🙂

  3. Oh, she's beautiful!!! Congratulations! I was thinking just yesterday that you'd be having a little girl, and wondering when we might hear news. My little fellow was born two weeks ago. Everyone is delighted with their new baby brother. Hope you have a restful and blessed Christmas Day! May you and your family enjoy this special time! God bless!


  4. She is simply so pretty! I keep looking at her picture; I am besotted, you lucky, lucky family.

    May the little one be blessed with good health, happiness and love throughout her life. God bless little baby "Bella".

  5. Oh!!! See what I've missed! Congratulations! I can't get over how gorgeous she is! I hope you are all doing well. My firstborn was born on the same day and it is such a beautiful time to deliver. I'm so happy for your family, Erin. God bless!

  6. Dear Friends
    Thank you all so much for sharing our excitement at the arrival of Bella:) She is beautiful(unbiased we are;) and we are so very blessed.

    • Robbi
      An old post this:) Baby is nearly 2 now, time flys!
      Actually this is her blog name, but her real name is even more unique. Inspiration are they all have saints names

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