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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 136)

Advent begins this Sunday!  If you have been searching for my previous Advent posts, I’ve made it easy for you by placing a wreath image on the top right sidebar labelled ‘bumper Advent post‘, all Advent posts are gathered there and I’ll be regularly updating.

Alas I’ve had to succumb and re-install word verification, I was receiving too many spam comments, my sincere apologies.

Major moment this week, I went for a totally new hair style, it has body, it has style, I feel great:):) I knew it had been awhile since I’d been in, when my hairdresser said, “You have six children don’t you?” I knew it had been more than awhile!!!

This week I created a ‘brain dump” page, I divided a spreadsheet into several boxes with the labels, Blog Post Ideas, Regular Posts, Blog Series, To Do, Emails, Phone Calls.  The 2nd column is simply headed, Date/Day Planned.  I’ve taped the sheet to the top of my desk and simply jot down ideas as they come to mind, crossing off as accomplished.  I imagine this will need changing each week.

Started some fantastic ab exercises this week, they really work!  They burn, “burn, baby, burn” but they are effective, after only 2 days I can already see more definition.

A reading explosion is taking place here, lots and lots and lots of reading from our beginner and emerging readers, an amazing amount of success is occurring   Easy beginner books have been ‘the challenge’ of the last few days, until it occurred to me to check our library catalogue.  No idea why I had never thought of it before as I hit upon a huge score.

Do you mail out Christmas cards? I enjoy receiving cards but rarely do I send them, then rarely do I send/give any cards, I have finally come to terms with the fact that in this area I’m a ‘failure.’   However many years I manage a Christmas newsletter, with the high cost of postage (60cents+) I now email out, only snail mailing the rare few folks without internet.  Is this considered tacky or with the rising cost of living, something understood and accepted today?

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  • Annie Kate

    Thanks for linking those tummy exercises to Fit Mommy. They look do-able. Between those and your new hairstyle, you must feel fantastic!

    I like the idea of a brain dump page. But where to put it? I've got my desk covered with school stuff, transcript stuff, gluten-free stuff, and more. One of my goals is to organize it…but for now I may just add a blog brain dump sheet to the mix. I've been needing something like that for a while…but I really need to clean off my desk more, except that means setting up files for all my info. Sigh!

    I usually send out cards, but it is expensive, and I'm wondering whether or not to quit. On the other hand, our fridge is covered with all sorts of lovely Christmas photos from friends and family.

    Have a blessed Sunday.

  • Erin

    I am feeling much better about myself:) splurged on a few outfits too.

    I actually don't have a desk, I share a bench with two other computers and people, only space I have is room for my keyboard and mouse, so my braindump page is under my mousepad. I'm actually planning next week on making it two separate pages, needing more space for the to do, email/phone call sections. and then I'll keep the blog sections separate.

    I understand, I do like to get cards but I'm not good at sending.

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