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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 179)

Memo to Mr Nobody: If a bag, bottle or plate is empty, place it in the bin/sink, there is no excuse for leaving it sitting in the fridge/pantry.

I’ve spent the past two days binding the children’s 2012 academic and art work into their keepsake books.  This is always followed by plenty of reminiscing, treasured books indeed.

Gathering my thoughts towards this year’s academic direction. Thinking a resurgence of poetry, memorisation and catechism are called for.  Past that I’m not sure there will be much ‘re-inventing of the wheel,’ more a re-commitment to what is working (and what needs to be working)  After a decade and a half of homeschooling we don’t need massive changes, we’ve found our groove, we just need to re-enthuse from time to time.

One area of re-commitment is accountability, certain children avoid handing in assigned work if they can.  After a discussion with PC and the children regarding motivation we’ve settled on using screen time which is always a great motivator.  Screen time will henceforth be only on Friday and Saturday afternoon/evenings, and only if Dad ‘signs off’ on work completed on Thursday night.  I’m rather a soft touch, PC not so much. This will have huge benefits in many areas of our life:)

Sick children here, miserable summer colds with horrible coughs.  Little ones rather emotionally fragile.  Praying Bella’s immunity holds good.

Holidays are going way too fast, not sure how long we’ll have our College children home for.  Only yesterday all our children lived at home, two years ago our first left, a year later our second, only another year and our third is off.  Where have the years gone?  The time has passed way too fast, though as Laura says “it’s bittersweet”, we miss them, yet we’re so proud of them, watching how they rise to life’s challenges as they venture forth.


Jack Jack served Sunday Mass for the first time, this week, and with his brothers.  He made nary a mistake, but most impressive was his demeanor. JJ is an anxious child who agonises over new situations, he agonised for weeks before he was courageous enough to serve, then Sunday he was completely confident!!
Suspect it won’t be often our four oldest boys will serve together, so this was rather a special moment and I’m so glad we captured the moment.

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  • Olivia

    Oh Erin, what a beautiful pic of your boys. Mine served together this morning too. I was up the back watching intently and pulling faces at them- trying to get them to put their hands out of their pockets.
    Life is short. Sometimes I wish it along, but I must try and stop that and just enjoy xx

  • Chari

    Love this photo of your boys! You must be so very proud.

    By the way…….head over to our blog……we finally posted that meme that you sent to us a hundred years ago……

  • mamazee

    What a beautiful photo of your boys – and so glad i found your blog! You're just a few years ahead of me – I have eight children, and our oldest is 18. I'm dreading/anticipating the gradual emptying of a nest that slowly and steadily filled… And like you, i know what works (mostly), but needing to get re enthused… 🙂

  • Erin

    Miss you too{{}}Love to catch up more

    you made me giggle, I used to do that with my older boys, don't have to now so much as my olders know what to tell the youngers.

    Oh Friends, I do admit to being proud (is that a sin?) just makes this mummy's heart sing, seeing my boys serve Our Lord. and to have 4 together, it was indeed a special moment so treasured. One of the ladies at church on Sunday told me how she's heard to JJ served and she was away and so disappointed to have missed it, that was lovely:)

    So pleased we've found each other:) I did dread it, and am shocked sometimes how quick it's going, but then my friend Laura (String of Pearls blog) has shown me that the next stage can be joyfully embraced too.
    Feeling slightly more enthused since I wrote this

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