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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 200)

July through to October for us has no less than ten major events!! Last week we survived four; 3 children’s birthdays, their birthday party, our niece’s engagement party 6 hours away and our Deacon’s Ordination.  Now though it’s time to focus energy towards the next 6, all of which involve far more details, planning and execution.  In two weeks we co-ordinate and host our local homeschool sports day, in five weeks we host our annual Catholic homeschool camp, and Anna Maria’s 21st, in eight weeks we all attend my brother’s Wedding (one son is in the Groom’s Party) this will be held 7+hours away, and in eleven weeks we all attend our nephew’s Wedding 5 hours away and at the conclusion of October the oldest four/five attend a Pilgrimage 3 days travel away.

This morning I realised I could procrastinate no longer on preparations for these events.  To this end I wrote out a major ‘to do’ list and began working my way through it, I am no longer hyperventilating, as I completed many major ‘to dos’ today:)  One item to do and now done was finding accommodation for all 12 of us whilst attending our nephew’s Wedding.  Outfits for both Weddings are still on the ‘to do’ list, fortunately both dress codes are formal and as they are for different sides of the family they can be re-cycled.

Contributing this week to my feelings of ‘being overwhelmed’ was the fact the washing had backed up severely, due to a combination of several factors including wet beds a few days in a row.  On Wednesday I hung 16 loads of washing which really is insane and definitely sets the top record for the largest amount of washing undertaken in one day.  I give thanks that I didn’t live in the days prior to electric washing machines, I consider the invention of the washing machine the most pivotal invention of the Century.

Maturity is a wonderful process, it really is. Jack Jack our 8 year old has moved back into a bedroom with his younger brothers, as part of this move he has voluntarily taken on the role of mentor.  He encourages the younger boys to clean their room and leads the way.  Today, unasked he sorted 6 baskets of washing (from Wednesday’s wash) into separate piles for each boy, and then into clothing piles, ie jumpers, jeans etc, this made it all a ‘tackle able task’ for me to fold. His maturity has happened overnight and I’m bemused as to how he has learnt these skills and made this transition.

Thinking maybe I should teach him how to iron;) with his enthusiasm and energy he may just manage to scale that insurmountable, towering pile. Actually I’m sure if I put a monetary value on each item needing to be ironed I’d have some takers, tackling the mound in no time at all.  Yep the electric iron was another important invention.

Fantastic news, thanks to my eating changes I’ve lost weight, 2kgs (4.4lbs) in just one week!! Sticking to the plan of, cutting out all grains,(except oats) all sugars and white potatoes.  The potatoes have been the hardest to eliminate, they are rather a staple here.  The first three days were tough, I really, really craved sugar and might have ahem indulged in an undignified pity party.  Once however I sugar detoxed I’ve been doing much better, I even went to a Sisterhood meeting last night and cast nary a glance at the goodies.

In my efforts to learn more about nutrition I have been reading about fermenting food. I’m soaking oats the night before for breakfast the next day and have begun a sour dough starter with rye flour and can’t wait to make a sourdough loaf using rye and spelt flours.  I’ve made bread lots of times before but never sourdough, looking forward to tasting that loaf.

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  • deopatriaeamicis

    Goodness, that does sound like a marathon couple of months! What a great idea to stick a monetary value on the ironing, though. My parents didn't generally pay for chores, but had a payment system for dandelions (which grew by the hundreds in our yard). We got 5 cents per dandelion we weeded, and had to make sure we got at least two inches of root so it wouldn't regrow. It was a standard summer chore for years and had us running out the door to beat our siblings for the best supply. The trick was finding the price that was high enough to motivate (at 1 cent we'd never have found it worthwhile to dig 100 dandelions for a dollar) but low enough that we wouldn't be satisfied with our payment after only a few. If nothing else, a great lesson in economics :).

  • An Almost Unschooling Mom

    Congratulations on the weight loss in the middle of so much to do. Sugar detox mixed with stress would not go well here 🙂 I'm truly impressed! And bravo to your young man…unsolicited chores doing is praise worthy, to say the least.

  • Sarah

    Way to go on your weight loss! I am curious to hear what you think about THM. I just ordered the book. More than anything, I hope it will inspire me to get out of the rut that I'm stuck in!

    I hope the to-do list keeps you moving forward and prevents you from being overwhelmed with all of your busyness!

    God bless you and your family!

  • Rachel

    I am overwhelmed just hearing about your list!!! God's blessings with it all.
    I'm missing my sourdough dreadfully. Its awesome and I really enjoyed experimenting with it. My hopes is to get our guts back to where we can enjoy it again.

  • Rachel

    Also I LOVE Sally Falon's Nourishing Traditions…long story but mine is stuck in a box in storage in China. Hopefully one day I'll get it back!

  • Erin


    We've done that for thistles and fireweed. Though we pay the children by the bag weight.

    Weight loss was only slight this week, breaking the 'rules' does have an effect

    Has your copy arrived?

    I'm overwhelmed too, but slowly inching forward. Praying for your gut healing. Why don't you try your library for Sally's book.

  • Jennifer Gregory Miller

    Awesome on the weight loss! Once you get in a groove it's easier to say no. Plus seeing results does continue to give motivation. I lost 6 pounds before my wedding. I am not being as intense since we got back, but I will get back to the program after my cardio appointment tomorrow.

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