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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 201)

Well the sourdough was a complete flop!:(  Too, too wet, very disappointing.  However thanks to the help of a friend I have made contact with a local blogger who bakes sourdough all the time, so down, but not out, hoping I’ll get it right next time.

Jelly Bean, 10 is a later reader, whilst she can read, she doesn’t yet believe she can.  We had yet another discussion about the topic this week, me bolstering her abilities, her denying interest in reading anyhow,
JB: “I don’t like reading”
Me: “Well how will you learn anything?”
JB: “You can read for me”
Me: “How would it be if I couldn’t read?”
JB: “Well that would be a disaster!”
I giggled and giggled, her horror was so funny, and I think she finally got my point.
Excitedly for the first time ever, she told me later that day that she liked reading, we finally have a breakthrough:):)

My thoughts have been reflective lately about a number of topics, I’ve been pondering various life experiences and conversations. I’d love to share some of my thoughts here but, the problem is, how much of ‘my story’ can I in good conscience actually share?  To share may hurt, unintentionally those who are part of my story, it’s a tricky one.

Michelangelo had two teeth removed this week in preparation for being fitted for braces, the beginning of journey that will likely take a few years. As I drove him in for his appointment I reflected this was a milestone, for the first time in his life he would endure major pain of a physical and psychological nature, and I couldn’t minimise that pain, it was a road he had to walk alone, my job was to give emotional support. There will be many more times in his life, in the lives of all our children that we can’t minimise their pain we can only love and pray.  Parenting is not for the faint hearted.

Falling in love further with All About Spelling, working today with Jelly Bean, 10 and Jack Jack, 8, and JB was confidently discussing Closed and Open syllables.  It really is a program that lays a firm foundation.

If you haven’t already heard about the new blog, Schole Sisters I highly recommend you pop over and check them out.  Lots of thought provoking and inspiring discussions on Classical Education, although a friend proposes the label Liberal Education fits more than Classical Education and I’d have to agree.

The Schole Sisters recent post on Beauty alternatively inspired and disheartened me.  You see I want beauty in the home, I really do but I just seem to have a missing gene.  Then my friend cheered me up, she who is so talented, assured me that it can be learnt, whilst brainstorming with her as to how to beautify a room, I realised I do know a few tips, over the years I’ve absorbed rather alot from my friend.  Perhaps I belong in the Intermediate class and not the Beginners:)

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  • Theresa @ OrdinaryLovely

    Love No. 2!
    Re: No. 5, I am agonizing (well, that's a bit strong, but you know what I mean!) over a new spelling program. I've heard so many wonderful things about AAS but that it's also very mom-intensive (and pricey!) Can you give me an idea of how much time you spend with it each day (or week)?
    No. 7 – The gene I'm missing is the house cleaning gene. I think I could make things look beautiful if I could just clean up around here first 😉 I look forward to hearing some of what you're doing to add beauty to your home!

  • Erin

    With my younger ones (10 & 8) we do AAS twice a week for about 20 minutes. The other three days I do AAS with a teen who is needing remedial spelling.

    It is pricey, I wonder if in the US you could buy it 2nd hand (and if the price really bugs you keep in mind I'm paying double due to freight;) I don't buy all the extras, just have the books although the letter tiles and some of the cards for the earlier levels.
    Click on my above link for more details, obviously time for me to do an update;)

    Yes it does need mum but after years of doing a disservice to my older children in this area I believe foundations are vital and there is no way around it. Actually I enjoy the lessons, enjoy seeing them make the connections.

    re no 2- it was so heartening to hear her say she liked reading! re no 7 – made some progress today:)

  • Rachel

    Yes, my first tries with sourdough were less than successful too. I have Yoke Mardewi's Wild Sourdough for the Thermomix ebook (she has a print copy that is for regular method). My biggest success was with her hot cross buns surprisingly! I got despondent with the bread when I was not sure why my children seemed so unwell so I've neglected my starter a bit. But I just took it out of the fridge a few days ago and its still active…just trying to figure out whether to keep it alive or chuck it for now. So sad…I LOVE sourdough!

  • Mary @ Better Than Eden

    Oh, number 3. I know. It is really, really tricky. I have the same issue and have wanted to write about things in my upbringing and background but I know my family reads so then I feel a bit muzzled because while it is my story, it's theirs, too. A tough one indeed.

  • Erin

    How can you tell it's active? What is it meant to look like? I'm just not sure if it was my starter or my method (me) that was the flop.

    Precisely, I might be ready to chat about some experiences/thoughts but others may not.

  • SarahZ

    I can so relate to #2! Now our 15 yo reads historical novels and his Bible into the wee hours…no complaints here 😉 It seemed that just putting in the time, after he reached a certain level of knowing how, did the trick…but it was an arduous trip in the meantime :)Sounds like she is well on her way! Good job, Mom!

  • Erin

    Yes reading does define me, blush.

    Hello and welcome:) Precisely it's that consistent time and effort, getting very close now. I do know one day she will be like your son.

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