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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 64)

Koala has completed the 120 hrs of driving experience needed to sit for her “Provisional” license!  Next step is to book her test and once she passes she’ll be driving on her own!

December next year will find Koala finishing year 12, completing her secondary schooling, our first homeschool graduate.  I truly cannot understand how we have arrived here already.  Many warned the years would zip past and they have.  I was sharing my thoughts with dh that; first Koala would leave home, then her brothers one by one, all too quickly.  He asked if I was feeling ’empty nest syndrome’ I think I might be.  I believe strongly in  individuality and independence but I truly want time to stand still.


We’ve just picked our first crop of peaches for the season. Both trees are rather laden. Rather a satisfying feeling to pick our own fruit.
I’m hoping our garden will fare as well, it has rained for days and I’m beginning to worry about the plants being waterlogged.

The teens and I are reading our way through a small book on Australian Catholic History.  This week we discovered that the continuation of Catholic schools in Australia was in great jeopardy in the 1880s due to the efforts of Sir Henry Parkes.  The tireless work of Archbishop Vaughan averted this catastrophe and changed the direction of history.  Fascinating.

My primary children are currently enjoying the Maths Buddy Program, younger sibling to my teens impressive mathematics.com.au.  Grades 3-6 have been launched and next year all grades will be available. For the remainder of this year you can sign up for FREE.  All homeschoolers receive a 40% discount from 2011, simply write (homeschool) after your surname when filling out details and choose OFFLINE payment method so you’re not billed.

Sharing a funny moment: I was reading to the teens and a younger child was listening in.  I explained how Fr Julian Tennison Woods  set up a group of Perpetual Adoration Sisters in Brisbane (amongst many other accomplishments, including being the co-founder of the order of Srs of St Joseph with St Mary of the Cross (MacKillop). I asked for a narration and younger child pipes up, “He set up a group of virtual nuns.”  Ah the age of technology!

I keep debating about buying Elana’s Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook.  The cost of Almond Flour is what is holding me back.  Then again when we conclude our elimination diet next week, and start reintroducing some grains, we may find some cheaper flours may be suitable.  We have discovered that wheat will be out though.

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