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A Portrait A Week – October 28th Edition

A portrait of our children, once a week, every week, in 2013
1. Einstein has been PC’s ‘right hand man’ this week whilst building the verandah.
2. Bass is my biggest blog fan, he loves having the blog settings on photographs and screams with delight when he sees himself.


3. Princess has been enjoying the spring days reading in the hammock. Taking a break to brush Gandulf.



4.Jelly Bean and Jack Jack are rapidly, and more importantly, happily learning their times tables thanks to youtube.



5. We were delighted yesterday to find this koala in a tree near the house.
All but four of our children captured this week, alas the shots I took of Michelangelo and Jem were too blurry and no College children at home to capture.
Joining over at Jodie’s this week.
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