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An Improved Appearance

exter 2


As last year drew to a conclusion we embarked upon a mammoth month; preparing for and undertaking re-roofing our ‘old house,’ then a whirlwind of events taking us from home, including our oldest Son’s College Graduation, Christmas and holidaying in Sydney.

Whilst we were away the two windows for the ‘new’ front wall were delivered. Once home we commenced installing the windows.

exter 3

The new windows help convey an ‘all one house’ appearance, externally there is no longer a big house, little house look about our home.

exter 4 exter 5

Once the girls had nailed on the bracing, PC and team were able to install the second window.

exter 6


Next task was to measure, cut and nail on the weathertex/cladding.

exter 7


Imagine how it will look when the stacks of flooring are removed and the walls painted.

Though we’re already rather pleased with the result.

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