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Direction For Our Highschoolers

This year finds us with three highschoolers, and even more sobering, our oldest is in Grade 11!
*(Highschool in NSW, Australia is Grades 7- 12)

We spent time in the holidays prayerfully discerning our direction, and consequently decided on some new materials (and old). In thanks to friends and fellow bloggers who have supported and inspired, we share with you.

Faith – Didache Series (Complete Course)
We are very, very happy with our choice. It was time for a systematic approach. They are attractive, modern looking, with a thorough content.

Maths –
These are online/disc programs. Concepts are introduced and explained then work given. Children then enter their answers and the program marks for them.
We have used these for a couple of years now and are very happy with them.

Grammar/Writing – English for Australian Schools by Ronald Ridout (OOP)
Our second year with these. We are very happy, a high standard. The drawback is there is no answer key.

We are revising old lists, rules in the hope of correcting habits.
* Open to suggestions for older students.

Writing – Grade 11- Homeschool Connections – Writing for College
Creative Writing Grade 9 & 7 – One Year Adventure Novel *Wishlist*
For now the boys are deep into writing their novels of the past year.

Literature Study – Grade 9 & 11- Homeschool Connections, Tolkien and Fairy Tales and other Literature Courses.

Latin Grade 9 & 7 – Memoria Press, First Form Latin Books & DVDs
* Haven’t yet purchased if anyone wants to recommend something else??
Spanish – Grade 11- Livemocha Free! On par with Rosetta Stone. Koala is really enjoying it!

Logic – Grade 11 – Bluedorn’s Fallacy Detective
*Still open on this, ideas??

History – 20th Century – Grades 7 & 9 – Story of the World, Vol 4 The Modern Age with Activity book. Relevant living books as well.
Grade 11 Modern Times – Paul Johnson Relevant living books as well.
Witness to Hope – George Wiegel

Geography – World Physical Geography (Set) – Brenda Runkle
We are still waiting on text but the student activity guide and teacher’s look very promising. Everything I have been searching for in a geography program including a thorough knowledge of mapping. I emailed the author with a question, she is so approachable and warm.

Science- Singapore Science, definitely a textbook.
The text is straight forward and punchy, no waffley sentences. Singapore students test top in world in TIMSS their educational resources play a part int this.
We purchased; Grade 7- Science Discovery Package, 3 books; textbook, theory and practical. *The last two chapters are on Sexual Reproduction and Issues of Sex. Depending on your family view as to whether you wish to present this information via a science program, as we would rather present this via a religious text or parental sharing we have stapled the chapters together;)
Grade 9 – Chemistry Insights textbook, theory and practical book.
Grade 11- Biology Insights Had purchased the Understanding Biology for Advanced Level but a little too hard, I’ve since discovered it is equivalent to US College freshman course.
Koala will also do Homeschool Online Recorded Course Blood in Sickness and in Health

Economics – Grade 9 & 11- Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?
Simple, clear explanations.
Homeschool Connections, Grade 11-Principles of Economics and Catholic Perspectives

Computer Technology – Grade 11- Excel and Word for Dummmies.

Current Affairs -Grade 11- Secular (ABC) & Church (L’Osservatore Romano)
Keeping scrap books and discussing with PC and I.

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