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First Stretch of Iron On

We are owner builders, we’ve been building our home for six years now.  Last week we began re-roofing our ‘old house’ though the intense heat of 40C/104F and then the rains have made this major project difficult but we have persevered. I’ve been keeping a record of our ‘chronicles’, so continuing the story.

The previous chronicles are:
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Saturday & Sunday

roofing 2

Saturday we began screwing the sarking into place. The race was on to complete this task before the afternoon as my brother D was leaving then.  He was an incredible help all week, we couldn’t have progressed as far as we did without him.

roofing 4a

Rains were also predicated over the weekend so we were under pressure to have the sarking in place to protect our ceilings.


After the sarking is rolled out, the battens are measured and cut and screwed down over the sarking. The final step before the iron is screwed down.

roofing 5

By the conclusion of Sunday afternoon five sheets of iron were screwed down at the front of the house. The first stretch completed before any cutting of iron will be needed. The rains forced us to finish early Sunday and sadly this was as far as we got before PC had to return to work on the Monday. The weather all week was frustrating and PC was disappointed to return to work without the roof completed.

With only some sarking at the back of the house screwed down and only a tarpaulin protecting the end, and with rains predicated we are in a precarious situation. Our plan is to continue to work in the evenings after work..

*To be continued…

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  • Nicole @ The Builder's Wife

    I really love seeing you all work together as a team! The life skills the children are learning are irreplaceable. What a gift you are giving them. I’m sorry PC had to return to work without the roof completed, it’s such a frustrating feeling, especially when you have no control over it. xx

    • Erin

      Thank you! Yes it’s important for us that the children work as a team and already we’re seeing the benefits of the life skills they have learnt and are using in their lives.
      Yes building is an exercise in patience

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