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‘Give me a Home Among the Gum Trees’

October 28th, 2006

Our offer has been accepted!! We are officially going to be property owners, all going well we will be in by the 14th of December, just in time to celebrate the birth of Christ in our new home.
I haven’t taken it in really. 140 acres for the children to explore and run free. It will be wonderful.
So many things to do, when I stop to look at the list I am daunted, not only do we have to move nine people and eleven years of accumulation we also have to have this house looking immaculate for inspections.
After listening to two boys argue for two hours over who was responsible for cleaning up their room, and then neither doing it I knew I could not go through this every time the agent brings over a prospective buyer. I have packed up their rooms. By this I mean everything has gone into storage, all their books, toys, games and the majority of their clothes. I left out five outfits and a church outfit, that’s it. Now all they have to do is make their beds.
Afterall when we move into our little cabin they won’t have room for much more anyhow. I call it a cabin because our new home is not really much bigger than one. It reminds me of the cabin we stay in during our yearly homeschool camp. It will be about two years before we can extend in the meantime we shall learn to be very tolerant of one another. It was only four years ago that we lived in a similar cabin. Only this time we will be ‘among the gums.’

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