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Oral Narration by Mum

October 24th, 2006

Today as I sat at the pool with dd5 waiting for her siblings to finish swimming training I made an interesting discovery. I can’t narrate very well. Here I am expecting great feats from my dc and I can’t achieve this excercise myself.
I was trying to distracte dd who was cold and wet and wanted to go home NOW. As I didn’t have any books to read with me I decided to tell her stories. Somehow I managed to stumble through David and Goliath, however I did have to keep going back adding in the bits I forgot. After stumbling through an imperfect rendition of the Gingerbread Man I came home tonight to ’study up’. Tonight we read Snow White. I’ll do better next time (I hope)
Narrating is a very difficult task, telling a story is certainly a different art then reading. Many cultures hand stories down from generation to generation. It is an important and talented skill. Certainly one that I don’t have.

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