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Leaping into Literature: A Few Keepers

Last week we launched our ‘traditional’ 4th Term venture, Leaping into Literature with a bang. Readers commented on the ‘low marks’ the children assigned to some of the books, and I confess to surprise myself, they were tough critics.  Keep in mind though that the children rating the picture books are 10, 8 & 6, so they are going to be a harder sell than younger children, actually several books our 6 year old rates higher than his siblings, thus the star rating is sometimes an average score.

This week there were more Keepers than Duds, whilst many of the books I reserved via the online catalogue, I picked up many gems by a personal visit to the library to browse the shelves myself. It was an interrupted learning week with more dentist appointments and a day out with our local homeschool group, however we still managed to read our way through a good pile.

Fly, Kite, Fly! A Story of Leonardo and a Bird Catcher – John Winch 3 Star

Big Red Kangaroo – Claire Saxby 3 Star
The Little Crooked House – Margaret Wild 2.5 Star
Tobias Blow – Zacharey Jane 1 Star
There’s a Sea in My Bedroom – Margaret Wild 1 Star
Lucy Goosey – Margaret Wild 1 Star

Amelia Bedelia’s First Library Card – Herman Parish 3.5 Star
Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore – William Joyce 3 Star
Library Lily – Gillian Shields 2 Star
Can I Bring Woolly to the Library Ms Reeder? – Lois G Grambling 1 Star
Look, A Book! – Libby Gleeson 0 Star

Eddie’s Toolbox and How to Make and Mend Things – Sarah Garland 2.5 Star
The Boy Who Built the Boat – Ross Mueller 2 Star

The Drummer Boy – Soo-hyeon Min 4 Star (Rwanda)
Paper Lanterns – Stefan Czernecki 4 Star (China)
Rebel – Allan Baillie 3 Star (Korea)
the boy and the crocodile – Legend of East Timor 0 Star (East Timor)

Nightsong – Ari Berk 3.5 Star (bats)
Ingenious Jean – Susan Chandler 2.5 Star
Dinosaur Rocks – Lachlan Creagh 2 Star
What Color is Camouflage? – Carolyn Otto 2 Star
Arabella Miller’s Tiny Caterpillar – Clare Jarrett 1 Star

The Circus Ship – Chris Van Dusen 4 Star
Fandango Stew – David Davis 3.5 Star
Randy Riley’s Really Big Hit – Chris Van Dusen 3 Star
Slow Days, Fast Friends – Erik Brooks 3 Star
The Box Boy – Mal Webster 3 Star
Circus Caps for Sale – Esphyr Slobodkina 3 Star
Mia’s Story – Michael Foreman 3 Star
The Dog Who Belonged to No One – Amy Hest 3 Star
Sam’s Duck – Michael Morpurgo 3 Star
Cherry Time – Daniela Bunge 3 Star
Herbert the Brave Sea Dog – Robyn Belton 3 Star
The Tale of Two Mice – Ruth Brown 2.5 Star
Alfie Weather – Shirley Hughes 2.5 Star
The Very Busy Spider – Eric Carle 2 Star
Come Down Cat! – Sonya Hartnett 1.5 Star
My Uncle is a Hunkle – Lauren Child 1.5 Star
Two by Two – David Melling 1.5 Star
Peedie- Olivier Dunrea 1 Star

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