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My Daybook: August 27th, 2014

Outside my window…
it’s an overcast day, hoping for more rain, the water tanks need filling

I am thankful…

  • to be living in freedom 
  • to be able to tuck our children into a warm bed at night with full bellies
  • to be able to worship my God 

I am thinking…
about the atrocities in Iraq and Israel/Palestine, my heart is heavy, so heavy, God is weeping

First time slashing the paddocks:)

Learning all the time…

  • interest and ability in reading for Jelly Bean and Jack Jack is coming along at a great pace:)
  • steady progress in all areas for the children. Totally astounded that despite all the stresses of our life at present, learning is the one area that is booming! God’s Grace.

Celebrating the liturgical year……
um, not really, just surviving at this stage

From the kitchen…
healthy salads, lots of salads, minimising sugars and grains

I am creating…
excel and word documents for our upcoming homeschool camp next week

I am working on…

  • achieving all on my ‘to do’ list for said camp, including a plan to ‘fit it all in’
  • finalising menu plans for camp, Anna Maria(21) and Einstein (17) are catering this year for the first time

I am going…
shopping with the children this week to finish buying presents for our Anna Maria’s 21st in 5 days!!

I am hoping…
camp brings many Graces to all

I am praying…

  • for our College boy, far from home and extremely ill with the flu
  • for our adult daughter who turns 21 this week!
  • for the success of our annual Catholic homeschool camp next week
  • for our brothers and sisters in Iraq

I am pondering….
egos and pettiness

I am reading…
Alvin Fernald, Foreign Trader to the children, and um Enid Blyton to myself, blush. I am completely stressed and only capable of total fluff

I am listening to……
nothing really Sarah’s podcasts are still on my ‘to do’ list

I am hearing…
silence, the children are sleeping in, love it when the house is quiet:)

I am struggling…
with staying calm, to savour the moment

Clicking around…
Back to School – “This is your season of life, your time to be with your young children, or not so young children. They will grow up and need you less (though, in my experience, they will never NOT need you at all, thankfully).   Try if you can to live in the moment, savouring this precious time with your children making the boring sameness of the moments count. Try not to waste the time you will never be granted again. Try to savour it.”

Tepee building with old trampoline mats

Around the house…

  • PC has just completed tiling and grouting the bathroom:):):)
  • The laundry is being waterproofed this week:)
  • We moved all the tools out of the laundry in preparation. Huge shelving of tools now resides in the toyroom opposite the children’s toys, ’cause everyone has tools in their toyroom don’t they? Big boys and little boys toys together;) 

One of my favorite things…
Teaching Jem(5) to ride a bike yesterday!  He picked it up so quickly!!

A few plans for this week…

  • Dance lessons for Princess
  • Soccer ‘break up’ party for Jem and Jelly Bean
  • Grandma staying for an overnight visit 
  • Physics teacher coming for a lesson with Einstein
  • Shopping for Anna Maria’s birthday 
  • Shopping for camp catering (an epic and daunting undertaking)
  • Packing for camp (for 10 people this is epic too) 
  • Celebrating Anna Maria’s 21st!!!!!!!

A little peek at my day…
Dance, soccer and Grandma today, the lull before the storm.

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  • Theresa @ OrdinaryLovely

    So, "Enid Blyton" caught my eye. Our Australia family brought the "Magic Faraway Tree" collection for us earlier this summer. I've only just read a few pages to myself but not enough yet to know whether I'll pass them on the kids, or at least read them out loud. Are you familiar with them? I'd love your thoughts on the books!
    Also, we've started AAS and so far, so good. We're trying to do it every day and so the lessons (so far) are very short. I'd still love to see your video. If the gmail address isn't working, perhaps try my alt. address: tmknecht(at)yahoo(dot)com.
    Looking forward to hearing more about the camp!

  • Erin

    Well we survived the week(s) one step at a time as you said. College boy was very sick:(1

    It is heartbreaking and just gets worse!!:(:(

    I got excited when I read you had an Australian family:) Though I believe they are in Sydney? Love the Faraway tree books, are you hesitant due to the magic? I really should do an Enid Blyton post shouldn't I, and explain my thoughts on her various books?;) So pleased re ASS:)

  • Theresa @ OrdinaryLovely

    Erin, some of my husband's family are in Australia. His sister traveled there after college, married an Ausie and stayed 🙂 She and her family live in SA (near Adelaide) and my mother in law lives in the rain forest, near Cairns in Queensland. My husband has been there once or twice to visit, but I have never. Maybe someday… with the kids????

  • Erin

    Adelaide is far from here though I have visited there many years ago. Cairns! My bil and sil live there! Also visted also about a 3 day car trip from here too. They don't live near each other at all!
    Has your mil seen your children then? If you ever come to Australia you know you have somewhere else to visit too:)

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