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This week I committed to Jen’s 7 Posts in 7 Days Challenge, always a good way to stretch myself as a writer. My blogging mojo has been uninspired of late, joining a challenge somehow revitalises me and suddenly I begin flowing with writing possibilities, my draft list has exploded with ideas.

Last year when I accepted Jen’s challenge I posted a Waffle post, essentially a brain dump, as it was so well received I thought I’d treat you all to another;-)  My daily thoughts are influenced by various factors such as; family, prayer, children’s lessons, books, blog posts, emails from PC (he keeps me updated with the wider media) discussions with family/friends, life’s happenings – here, our college children’s, extended family’s.  So recent thoughts:

  • Jacob & Esau – This Bible story makes me soo livid, the behaviour of all involved was just so wrong.  The parents played favourites, this is where my children think it all went wrong.  The mother was deceitful, manipulative and conniving, this is where I think it all went wrong, when I think of what she did I begin to boil. So why did God allow Jacob to keep the blessing, to bless Jacob’s line?  I know God has His plan but.. I don’t get it!..Where was the punishment and what about poor Esau who got the raw deal?
  • Jacob & Leah/Rachel – I guess Jacob did get his ‘just deserts’ when his uncle tricked him and he had to work for fourteen years before he won his true love’s hand.  What about poor Leah though who was forced by her father to tick him and marry him first, knowing she was not his choice, then having to watch as he worked towards marrying her sister, which he did do. I really think poor Leah she was just a pawn.  Then did Jacob learn? Nope he played favourites with his son Joseph and that didn’t end well either.
  • Abraham & Isaac – What a story to read to little children.  The father was going to kill his son, because God told Him to, why would God do that?  Hard to comprehend on an emotional level. Then you’ve got to wonder, surely Isaac had trust issues with his father after that?
  • Playing Favourites- It’s time to change my blog header again or they’ll all begin the accusations of “he’s you’re favourite, he’s been on the header for two months!!” 😉 They do like to carry on, very amusing, they make me laugh. 
  • Moving along to this Century – Facebook, can it be used as an effective communication tool or by its very nature does it entice people to write in brief?  This shorthand then opens lots of potential to mis-communication as a writer needs to ensure the reader understands what they mean, they can’t assume the reader will know their intent.  Then again there are so many layers involved in effective communication, the writer needs to keep in mind that a reader will filter any communication through their own lenses which include a whole slew of factors
  • Essentially I’m a positive person, the glass is half full girl, but when it comes to parenting I’m a glass half empty, I tend to look at all the areas in which I fall short, at what I don’t do.  My children however don’t look at me in this light at all, they really are so accepting and forgiving the darlings.  I had a conversation recently with one of my boys and beat myself up on all I didn’t do, he looked at me so uncomprehendingly the darling, not at all how he saw it:-)
  • I really do need to give more the gift of Time to my children.  It’s true they won’t remember the windows I washed but the games I played, the books I read, the conversations we had.
  • A very important way to show our love and to keep connections strong with children is the gift of Touch, and I particularly need to ensure I continue that gift with our teens.  Small children’s needs are naturally easy to fulfill in this area but with teens I often need to initiate hugs.
  • I’m so very, very grateful to my husband for supporting me and enabling me to be at home with our children full time.  I am blessed.
  • Poetry memorisation is a huge success and I’m surprised at how much the children are enjoying and embracing it.  They genuinely love learning their pomes, are eager to practice daily and are choosing some very impressive pieces, the poems Princess (12) and Michelangelo (14) choose each week are long!  Recitation night each week is a huge hit! and I’m glad we’ve been capturing it on video.
  • Finally we are on the finishing lap of learning to read for our 9 and 7 year olds, galloping for the finish line.  It’s been a long road but by we are so close to having two completely independent readers.
  • A dear local friend has been blogging for a few years now and how I’m enjoying this extra connection with her, an outlet we share.
  • Screen parameters – Whilst pregnant I became very lax regards screen time, now we are having to re-install good habits, it’s not easy making up lost ground.  Yesterday I had to laugh, Bass (2) asked me whilst I was on the computer if he could go on the ‘puter, I replied no, he replied outraged, “You on computer!Get off right now!”.  Guess he’s getting the message.
  • Participating in a daily writing challenge actually means I’m on the computer less.  I’m more conscious of where I spend my online time, less time to waste, so I’m far more efficient.
  • Housework – I can only stand mess for so long, comfortably 2 to 3 days.  I just haven’t been able to keep on top of household chores at all recently and this is affecting lesson productivity.  When the house is too messy it’s distracting and the children don’t work as well and I’m not as disciplined at ensuring they do because my mind is divided.
  • The cleaning habits we install (or not) in our children is setting them up (or not) for their adult life.
  • Pope Francis’ words keep playing in my mind “…..True joy comes from a profound harmony between persons, ……the basis of this feeling of deep joy is the presence of God, the presence of God in the family and His love, which is welcoming, merciful and respectful towards all.  And above all, a love which is patient…”
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