Anzac Day in Books

Last week was Anzac Day,(Australian New Zealand Army Corp) a day in which we, as a nation remember our fellow Australians who have served and died in wars.  One way in which to help children understand about War and the sacrifices our service men and women have made is through reading and discussing.  Sharing several titles I’ve recently discovered but be sure to check out even more titles which I’ve previously shared.

Picture Books
Let the Celebrations Begin – Margaret Wild
Memorial – Gary Crew
Photographs in the Mud – Dianne Wolfer
One Boy’s War – Lynn Huggins Cooper
My Grandad Marches on Anzac Day – Catriona Hay
Angel of Kokoda – Mark Wilson
Tail-end Charlie – Mick Manning
The Little Ships – Louise Borden
The House That Was Built in a Day Anzac Cottage – Valerie Everett
A Day to Remember – Jackie French
The Red Poppy – David Hill
My Mother’s Eyes – Mark Wilson
Lone Pine- Margaret Brown
Vietnam – Mark Wilson

Chapter Books
Blackout in the Blitz – Terry Deary (Horrible Histories)
A Rose for the Anzac Boys – Jackie French
Under a War Torn Sky – LM Elliott
Standing Alone – Jim Elridge (My True Stories)
My Fathers’ War – Sophie Masson (My Australian Story)
Heroes Don’t Run – Harry Mazer
Lighthouse Girl – Dianne Wolfer

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  1. Erin, where does the word "Anzac" come from, or what does it mean that it refers to this memorial holiday?
    Happy Easter! -Theresa

  2. Hi Theresa

    The word ANZAC is an acronym standing for Australia New Zealand Army Cor. It came about when the two countries trained together and were deployed in WW1 at ANZAC cove in Galipolli on the 25 April.

  3. I'll have to remember to check back early April next year….

  4. Theresa
    Updated the post to answer your questions:)

    Yes wanted the list so I'd remember for next year:)

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