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If I Had An Ipad

We currently don’t own an ipad, mostly because I haven’t been able to justify the expense ($380-$570 in Australia).  Also I wonder will this be yet another area of battling the screen?  I’m not totally opposed to owning one, and in the hope of doing so I’ve entered many contests hoping to win.  I suspect there are many wonderful educational opportunities we have yet to discover, but for now I just read posts such as the ladies below share and absorb.

Chareen @ Every Bed of Roses – My Favourite Apps and Websites for Learning


Hwee @ The Tiger Chronicle – Technology: A Few Considerations
A few things to consider with regards to using technology for education purposes.
Nicole @ One Magnificent Obsession – The iWorld of Homeschooling: Favorite Apps!
The iPhone and iPad have completely changed how we homeschool!
Bernadette @ Barefoot Hippie Girl – NOT Techie Home Schoolers
Despite all the technology our family is surrounded with, we are still basically book, paper and ink home schoolers.
Julie @ High Hill Homeschool – Educational Ways to Use an iPad
My husband actually created an educational iPad app to help with multiplication.
Savannah @ Hammock Tracks – Twenty Free Learning Apps 
Lucinda @ Navigating By Joy – Favourite Homeschool Apps – For Kids And Mum
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  • Jodie Clarke

    Thanks for your links…although i am not a homeschooler i do wonder if somehow i will be putting our girls at a disadvantage as they grow up if we don't get something of the sort. So much expense though and i worry about the screen time. Lots to consider isn't there?
    Have a lovely week .

  • Multi-tasking Mama

    I love that you don't have one yet … so refreshing and to be frank the kids do weary of them after a while.

    My only recommendation is that you don't buy one of the cheap imitation tablets. They do not last. I have been bitten three times!

  • Erin

    How great to hear from you again:) Screen time really concerns me, they so need time to play.

    That's so interesting to know, filing it away. Sounds like your experience is similar to mine with mixmasters. Did you buy a better quality this time?

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